FDR Custom Enclosures LLC can bring your pool enclosure, sometimes referred to as a pool cage, alive with your personal getaway choice. When you walk out into your swimming pool enclosure you can be surrounded by a calming scene. None of your friends or neighbors who own pool screen enclosures will have such a soothing scenery to escape into, and that is a guarantee.

Scene Screen does not change the architectural integrity of your pool screened enclosure. It is placed the same as any other enclosure screen.

We use Scene Screen in all of our service areas.

Please contact us through e-mail at fdrconstruction@gmail.com or call 281-908-9977.

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Scene Screen for Screened Pool Enclosures, Patio Enclosures, Sun Rooms, Screened Lanai, and Screen Rooms

Limited Lifetime Warranty
If you have purchased the finest screen door available. It is backed by our exclusive Five Year Warranty against defects in manufacture, design and workmanship. This warranty specifically covers the aluminum framing, welding and construction of the door provided said materials are properly maintained and installed.

This warranty does not apply to any product damaged or determined to be defective as a result of improper operation, handling, installation or maintenance. Our obligation under this warranty is expressly limited to repair or replacement of any parts that shall be demonstrated to be defective. No other warranties whether expressed or implied may be made. We are not responsible for claims for incidental, indirect or consequential damages or losses the consumer may suffer in connection with this product or it's use. This warranty is not transferable and insures only to the benefit of the original consumer purchase. Claims against this warranty must be presented to the selling and/or installation contractor.

​FDR Custom Enclosures, LLC is the proud dealer of Unique Technology Industries products for the Great State of Texas. We are bringing you the opportunity to show your neighbors your unique personality and creativity. Standard screen room or enclosure doors have a standard locking system that does not provide the security that these specialty screen doors offer. The Tasman Locking System requires a key to unlock verses a sliding lock component with standard screen doors.

Entryway security doors not only offer a Buffer Zone between opening your front door and addressing a visitor or solicitor, but they also offer the Tasman Locking System for added security. The wonderful option to open your front door in cooler weather to allow the breeze to flow throughout your house now allows peace of mind through a more secure screen door.

Have little ones in your family? Having a key lock system prevents little ones from going outside compared to the standard screen door slide locking system.

Security and beauty in a security door for your entryway or screen room/screen enclosure are now available to our customers. Some of our customers even choose security doors for their pool enclosures too! Our customers are so creative. We are amazed at some of the designs that they have requested in personalizing their doors and entryway systems!

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