​Once again, no two pool screen enclosures (pool cages) are the same! This enclosure is full of roof transitions. Starting from left to right, it starts with a Flat Roof Style and transitions to a 3" insulated Roof Style, then transitions to a Flat Roof Style again with the final roof style transition from a Flat Roof Style smoothly into a Mansard Roof Style. This customer has chosen an upgrade option that you will have to wait to see what it is until we post it in the Pool Enclosure Photo Gallery!

​​We offer our customers with a signed contract the option to have their project put into a 3D animation video so they may see what their screen enclosure will look like on THEIR home.​

FDR Custom Enclosures Information
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​​This 3D animation video shows a standard Mansard Roof Style pool screen enclosure (pool cage).

​This 3D animation video shows a nice Dome Roof Style to accommodate a basketball court and transitioning to a screen room enclosure

​Luxury pool enclosure at its finest! Rock water fountain, hot tub, sauna, and a golf course! This customer has them all and our enclosure was the finishing touch for his project

​This customer had a pool enclosure built six years ago by another company and she has not liked it since it was built. She contacted Frank with her vision of what she really wanted and he created a Mediterranean style pool enclosure masterpiece for her. Now, she is a happy pool screen enclosure (pool cage) owner!

Absolutely Fabulous Pool Screen Enclosure with a Jut-Out Walkway to Include the Gazebo in the Enclosure!

FDR Custom Enclosures Information