This YouTube video begins by showing the layout of the pool's concrete slab or deck. There were so many angles to this slab, but Frank was able to biuld the enclosure following all of the angles and brought it together to also meet the house's roof line. At the conclusion of this short video, you will see the beautiful outdoor swimming pool with all of the elaborate angles that he had to follow.

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This 3D video shows how this customer's enclosure will look like on his home, BUT this customer's imagination has not bounds. There is a putting green, sauna, hot tub, and water fountain in his actual enclosure after completion.

​These YouTube videos show the construction of an elaborate swimming pool cage built to meet this multi-million dollar home's multiple concrete slab angles, allowing two palm trees to remain in their original places, multiple roof angles, and gables. A Part 2 YouTube Video was created as a result of a lot of requests to show more detail!

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​Where most companies will require concrete footers to be poured to make the pool slab rectangular or square, Frank welcomes those challenging curved pool decks/slabs and designs and builds the pool enclosure following them, leaving your pool oasis just as it was meant to be. This pool area also has a diving board. Frank inclined the enclosure roof to accommodate even the bounciest of divers!

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Pool Screen Enclosure in Dallas

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With a signed contract, we offer a 3D video of Frank's design to our customers on their actual homes. When customers request a 3D animation created before a signed contract, an agreement is made regarding the animation.  pool screen enclosures in Dallas FDR Custom Enclosures pool screen enclosure