​Swimming is a healthy activity that gives physical and mental health benefits. It is that recreational activity without an age barrier. Relaxing in a comfortable environment is essential to complete enjoyment of your screen enclosure. Imagine lying in your pool and you are free from insects like flies, bees, wasps, No-See-Ums, and mosquitoes that use proboscis to pierce your skin thereby ruining the outdoor enjoyment. FDR Custom Enclosures is the solution!

Aesthetically designed pool enclosures of any size and complexity, screen rooms, sun room, screened lanai, pool enclosure screen murals, patio enclosures are the specializations of FDR Custom Enclosures, LLC.  We have been designing structures for over 30 years, so, if you are a general contractor or residential customer, your choice should be our BBB accredited business to build a swimming pool enclosure, patio cover, or screen room, screened lanai for contractors and residential customers.

Our company uses screens that are professionally built to meet your needs providing multiple options for screening your patio, porch or deck. FDR Custom Enclosures only uses Phifer screens that are of high quality, relegating fears of quick deterioration. Screen quality is very important when building an enclosure. Enclosure screens should last 10-12 years before a rescreening should occur. Phifer’s screening options are the authentic screen option to give you quality, durability and comfort; its screen material options include: a standard 18 x 14 screen, 20 x 20 No-See-Um screen, PetScreen, TuffScreen, Solar Insect Screen, Super Solar Screening+, SunScreen, SeeVue, Bronze Screen (90% copper 10% zinc), SunTex 80, SunTex 90, and SunTex 95.

The Phifer standard screen is a screen which is more durable than house window screen and for enclosures the screen is an 18 x 14 heavy–duty fiberglass screen. Fiberglass screening is a vinyl protective-coated screen that ensures lasting beauty, color and flexibility; the No-See-Um screen effectively keeps insects out; it has 20 holes height by 20 holes wide within a 1-inch square screen, i.e., a 20x20 mesh. The Phifer PetScreen is a high quality pet-resistant insect screening offering tear and puncture-resistant benefits. The non-harmful pet screen with an openness factor of approximately 36% with a UV blockage of approximately 64% can be used in patio and porch enclosures. Phifer’s TuffScreen is synonymous with the PetScreen as the heavy-duty vinyl-coated polyester screen that is tear and pet resistant. University of Florida was quoted in a pictorial citation as saying that enclosure construction should have adequate airflow.

Enclosure strength depends arguably on designs and to maintain architectural integrity of the enclosure adequate air must circulate in it. FDR Custom Enclosures, LCC abides strictly with design and building rules and has a 0% enclosure failure rate. Our company uses aluminum beams which are strong, durable and virtually maintenance free. All enclosures include options of adding double screen doors, dog door, kick plate, sun screen and privacy screen.

 The study performed at the University of Florida meanwhile states that for a correct enclosure to be constructed, the enclosure must be well braced to stand the pressure of wind, a “K” bracing or tension wire is implemented; beams and columns need to be thicker, thick metal for angle brackets and proper anchor support beams are recommended. The study further recommends that corroded screws should be replaced, as well as the top and walls of the enclosure should be braced with diagonals.

An enclosure invariably reduces cleaning costs by keeping dirt, insect and leaves out of your pool and off the patio. A screen pool enclosure reduces evaporation loss and swimming in better quality water is guaranteed. The screen also protects the swimming pool lining, thereby prolonging its lifespan before repair or replacement is needed.


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